I think I might have a cyst what should I do?

Since Saturday night I've had constant sharp stabbing pain in the left of my abdomen/pelvis that runs down through my crotch to the top of my left thigh, and when I say constant I mean constant. I've tried taking co-codamol and tramadol (not together) but as usual they didn't work. I haven't had this kind of pain before, it's usually just in my pelvis and not really concentrated on one side like that, although some times it can be, but this pain is really different. I'm thinking could it be cyst? I have a GP appointment this afternoon to get some painkillers that actually work, but whilst I am there should I say to get an emergency ultrasound? Or after my appointment should I call NHS direct or go straight to A&E? I'm really in so much pain and I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be grand thanks

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  • How did you doctors appointment go Hun, I have the same pain though in my right hand side, I was told on 15th September I have a cysts on right ovary though nothing to worry about for the last few days the pain has been horrendous and the pain is traveling now down to my ankle instead of stopping at my thigh. I have doc tomorrow as she said she needs to do yet another internal and change my medication as I've became allergic to tramadol even though it doesn't work for the pain 😡 I was meant to have a follow up ultra sound 6 weeks after the 15th September to see what was happening with cyst though no appointment has came through and doc thinks it may be because I had a ct scan beginning of October so confused and losing patients xxxxx

  • It was pretty useless to be honest, I explained all the pain, all the symptoms, all the medication that doesn't work, tramadol being one of them, and she said the next step would be to give me morphine but she didn't want to give me that so she literally told me to just stick it out!! She also said that if I had a cyst I would be doubled over in pain, that my body would be tensed up and that I would not have let her touch my tummy, so by that I MUST not have a cyst! -_- even though I am in excruciating pain, with it getting worse day after day. Some doctors really are useless. They are so bad at arranging appointments as well. I was told by my GP she would send for me to be seen by a gynaecologist urgently around June time, and I wasn't seen by one until mid September. The only way most people end up actually being able to get appointments is by them following up themselves, not the doctors. I have learnt that recently. I'm sorry you're in so much pain, I can't imagine the pain you feel with a cyst. They shouldn't leave women like us with cysts, even if most of them are harmless, they could rupture and cause even further damage. If I were you I'd be chasing up my doctors daily because I wouldn't stand for that, no one should be treated like that. I hope it gets sorted soon!! xx

  • Shame thats not so good Hun, I was also told morphine was next stage of pain relief though they not keen to give me it due to my age 34? It's pretty bad as yes I was in excitation pain though they said I wasn't overly tender she said and although I was sore when they touched me they first though was kidney or gall stones so was sent for emergency ultra sound yeah it still took a week and was admitted to hospital day before and still had to wait for the ultra sound the following day. Where they found cyst I was discharged as it was no longer urology problem gynaecology so was urgently refered in September still no appointment was again admitted for pain and ct scan as they still though stone had been missed and waited 24 hours for ct scan urologist specialist came and said yes cysts and we suspect endo so discharged again as gynaecology problem and still in agony and waiting push for ultra sound babes xxxxxx

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