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I've been to see two different consultants (wanting a second opinion) regarding my endometriosis and I feel like I'm getting fobbed off. I've had a laparoscopy and had it blazed off but the pain and symptoms are still there. It has effected my bowls and I'm in severe pelvic pain. Luckily I have a great partner who is very supportive but I don't know which way to turn. No one seems to help :(

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Aww Hunni sorry to here u having such a awful time I'm seeing the pelvic pain clinic on 19th of November which isn't to far away as Iv been suffering severe pelvic pain since I had my lap In January this year and endometriosis was found and also had aheadions in pouch of Douglas but fingers crossed that that they help me as been getting fobbed off by doctors and had to fight to get herd please go back and c a different doctor and demand to be refered for a lap or to gynaecolgy hope u get some answers soon and look after urself sending hugs xxxxxx


Many thanks for your reply I think I'm going to have to be more abrupt to the consultant and tell him exactly what I want. It would be nice to speak to a health professional who knows something about it rather than being given a the mini pill and say see u in three months. I hope you manage to get somewhere at the pain clinic all the best to you xxxxx


Thank you very much Hunni u just have to speak up to be herd Hunni and sadly I came across a few I had to push for a lap cause it's the only way they will find if u have endo or not but think u should be refered to a endo specialist or go on bsge website as it will tell u what hospital has one but just make sure u are refered to one that deals with that condition I wish u best of luck let me know how u get on xx


Many thanks for your helpful advice. I will do my research. Fingers crossed :) take care xxxx


Your very welcome all the best and look after yourself xx


Dear Demileighbo,

I'm sorry to hear about the pain you're experiencing.

I've had a very similar experience. A gynaecologist performed a laparoscopic surgery on me to alleviate symptoms of my endometriosis. Unfortunately after the procedure, things took a turn for the worse: instead of not having any more periods, I had them for two weeks at a time and although the blood clotting was not as prominent, the procedure did not get rid of it altogether. My physician referred me to another gynaecologist because at this point, getting intimate with my husband became a gruelling experience, one that was quite painful to the point where I avoided it like a plague.

The second gynaecologist recommended hysterectomy which at first fazed me but after the doctor's patient and empathetic explanation, I decided that it would be well worth a try. I can tell you that it was a very sound recommendation and after having gone through it, I am now pain free during intimate moments with my husband and don't have to worry about monthly periods anymore.

This worked for me but I am obviously not in the position to make the same recommendation to you. My advice is to go to your physician and have them refer you to a specialist. With proper diagnosis and if looked after by a caring specialist, your issues can be addressed and resolved in no time.

I wish you the best!

Sending you much love and healing energy,



Sorry for the late reply, I'm seeing the consultant soon so hopefully she will have some answers. I've also started to keep a diary of my food intake - I've noticed a lot of food can trigger the pain as well plus having heavy irregular periods and the symptoms of endometriosis. Does anyone know if coeliac disease can work along side endometriosis ? Many thanks xxx


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