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Hip pain

Since I was on provera some of my symptoms eased but as I have been took off them the pain is so unbearable! I have pain in my hips / groin area and my lower back and can't even have a wee without it hurting so much. Codeine isn't touching it. I'm not at consultant until mid November. Does anyone else experience pain like this and if so what do you do and does it work?? I'm in absolute agony, can't even stand up straight and feel like screaming so any advice would be really grateful. Thanks xx

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I had a similar, what I call` Lash Back from coming off Provera. My pain was also off the scale and my emotions were all over the place. Irritable and plain horrible at times. sometimes overwhelmingly anxious and unable to leave the house. or just weeping, which was most days.

My doc was sympathetic but offered nothing helpful other than morphine tabs and Naproxen. These meds did help but unfortunately I found that I just had to wait it out until the Depo came out of my system.

My symptoms gradually eased over a 3 mth period. I read it takes up to 4 mths for the Depo to be fully out of your system.

I have suffered unbearable pain on and off for around 10 yrs and have concluded from all my research that the only person who is going to make me well is me.

There are no wondrous cures out there that any Doc can offer. It boils down to optimum Nutrition, diagnosing any food intolerance's and being strong enough to change my lifestyle to become as healthy as I can. Seems simple now but all this time Ive been kidding myself that I could carry on eating crap and ignoring years of a bloated belly.

I found a great book called `A key to Healing`. It has given me the kick up the bum I needed. I found it a great source of helpful info.

I hope this helps you in some way. There is always hope Xx


I have the same pain I am in absolute agony I take my coding and ibroprofen and they don't really take pain away the one thing that as saved my life is my electric heat pad don't know what I would do without it xx

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That's great advice thanks!!!! As I'm currently sat at work with my hot water bottle getting funny looks haha. Thanks very much

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Hi sorry I appreciate this is an old post - I too am suddenly experiencing quite bad hip, Lower back and groin pain... The pain in my groin is like a shooting pain and my back and hips just really ache almost like growing pains, a really deep ache. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but it's a pretty constant pain, is this typical of endo?


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