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relationship with endo

Hi guys,

i need some advise i saw my consultant on thursday and basically they wont operate as ive had 4 already and im not 24 yet and ive tried loads of hormone therapy treatment. They have said if i dont conceive in the next 6-9 months then surgery might be in the pipe line.

My partner was all for it when i told him and was up for trying and all of a sudden yestarday he has changed and wont speak to me and says he needs to sort his head out. i've tried to call and text him but no reply. Do you think this is normal or am i wasting my time. And will i have the same issue with anyone i meet?

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Oh you poor thing,

Give him time to think about things, I would text him your thoughts and ask him to call you when his ready,

I hope you can sort it out, if it's right and his the one it will work out,

Good luck hunny



thank you hun. Just makes me emotional haha. Just wondered if anyone been down a similar road. xx


My partner did excatly the same. He came round after a few days when I explained that Its not like I can fall pregnant tomorrow! He is probably just over thinking and doesn't understand! He'll come around soon don't worry xx


Aww thank you hun, thought it was just me x x


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