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Tiredness Help

Hi there

I've been referred to see a consultant but not until January and I am so exhausted I can barely stand up today. I suppose I just wondered if anyone had any ideas re how help combat the tiredness or at least part of it (!) with herbal remedies etc please as I've never had this level of exhaustion before. I'm willing to try anything - just started a new job and have some travel coming up so need to be on top of this if at all possible.

Thank you!!


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Hi there I had also been experiencing this extreme tiredness, so I went to my GP and got my bloods tested which showed a vitamin b12 deficiency. Get your GP to check for you as I think this can go hand in hand with endo.


Hi there, I've had a whole load of blood tests and everything came back normal...I'll try the B12 though!



I have experience the bad tiredness to 😕😴 it's horrible I don't know about you but I could have nodded of anytime in the day. I to like the post b4 went to my gp had my bloods done they came bac I need tables to help.xx I hope you get sorted as there is nothing as bad as the fatigue that goes with endo.x


I suffer terrible with tiredness also, I have my appointment with the consultant on the 9th Nov but have been waiting agrees!

My bloods came back fine so I went to Holland and Barrett and got some iron and multi vitamin tablets to take each day. They do help slightly.

Hope you find something that helps x

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