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Have I been really stupid? Its day 8 post lap/dye/cyst removal and I removed 3 of my stitches...


And now I feel really weird :( not good and not bad just more sensitive and tender if that makes sense maybe I'm just being paranoid? I've had no pain at all I felt really well this morning so I thought it would be fine I sterilised everything I used and nothing bled its all scabbed over and I did leave the ones that didn't look ready omg I'm ki d of panicking I took this pic after I took them out

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Firstly glad your recovering well & no much pain.

But -

Why did you take them out yourself?!

Surely the nurse takes them

Out at Drs after your operation?

Because I'm incredibly stupid sometimes!

I'm sure your not, look nevermind that now, you need to see your dr & get checked out!


Looks fine, I took mine out as well about 8 days after my surgery too and there was no problems. I wouldn't worry, you're probably just being paranoid! If it starts to bleed or ooze anything then go see your doctor but it looks very clean and seems to be healing well.

xnanookx in reply to mstirling

Thank you I think I was just having a dramatic 5 mins lol usually I cry but hey-ho I did just get my period only 1 day early and with very little build up pain I thought trapped wind when I was rational again but nope period pain but I can't complain this feels how my periods felt when I was teenager, this used to be my normal (150% better than my last period before the op)

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