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Had mirena removed - what else can I try??

Hi I had my mirena coil removed yesterday. I have had it for 7 months and was still getting pains and bleeding for longer so it wasn't really helping. I have also been feeling really down and depressed (sometimes suisidal) and cry everyday for no reason :( I think the coil was causing this so desided to have it removed. Just wondered if anyone knows of any other options to stop pains/bleeding but without the hormones xx

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I can't suggest anything non-hormonal but the nurse at my GP was amazing when looking at different pills to try to see if it settled things down. I was far better when taking Dianette but I had been on it too long. The nurse looked at my history with different contraceptives and checked all the ingredients before she made a recommendation. It didn't work but I will always be grateful for the time and care she took which I know a Dr would not have time to do.

I didn't get on with a Mirena and couldn't have other progesterone only treatments as I have a history of depression. Funnily enough when they gave me the Mirena this wasn't considered!

I hope that now it is out you start to feel a bit better.


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