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What remedies are their avaliable to minimise the memstrual pain? I was diagnosed with endometrisos two weeks ago, I've been suffering from these pains for years which has affected me mentality and emotionally. I feel really depressed as nobody around me understands What I'm going through. I'm still studying at uni and feel I need to push myself harder but i feel demotivated. Help?

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How you have been diagnosed?

It is really difficult when people aroumd you dont really know what it is about and you need to explain yourself all the time.

I did CBT therapy for my low moods and i do yoga as exercises and this really helps me with paim and more positive thinking.

Pain relief for menstrual pain you can always take paracetamol, but you dont want to take this every day. I think you just need to back to Gp and discuss what you exerperiencing and how you feel.

It is difficult if you are studing and cant concentrate well because of pain and feeling low.


I find that herbal teas such as green tea make my stomach feel better. Hope the pain calms down x


I was prescribed naproxen.... Try a regular anti inflammatory but you need to get a doc to advise you properly. You have to take it regularly for it to work properly (before you're in pain ideally). I find the mini pill, plus diet, plus anti inflams help. I avoid "inflammatory foods" (tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, aubergine, refined sugary stuff) and cut wheat out totally on the advice of a nutritionist. Makes the world of difference to me. But we're all different!! Also a regular multi vit and fish oil supplement now and then (but not every day as I eat lots of oily fish)

Also hang on in there. There's lots you can do to help yourself feel better. Diet as mentioned, gentle exercise if you can bear it such as yoga or swimming. Rest when you can- be kind to yourself and remember you are not alone. Uni might have a counselling service which could help you come to terms with your diagnosis.

Research Dian Shepperson mills. She helped me loads. It was on the advice on a similar forum after I was diagnosed in 2009 that I researched diet and nutrition and I'm forever grateful. My pain is under control, my general exhaustion is better- my life is more my own. Have hope.

Laura Xx


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