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Thanks Endo real helpful!

Just venting. I was already tired yesterday, and got and early night as I'm on call tonight and may not get much sleep (I'm a rural vet). At 3:30am woke up with horrible cramps and PJS soaked in blood :-( Up I get, wash change and take tablets, get back to bed a 4am, ten minutes later, more flooding... get up wash change... back to bed for half 4. Now wide awake... eventually get to sleep again, short while later alarm goes off.

I feel like crying, I'm so exhausted and have a full day at work and on call through to start of work tomorrow morning :-(

I just hate this condition sometimes, feel like my body is working against me all the time argh!!!!

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Oh, no, the pain is bad enough, but having to get getting up to sort yourself out is awful,

I hope you have a better day today, and not to busy

Do you use heat pads through the day, might help with a little head on belly,



Thank you it's very frustrating!

I was relatively okay during the day thank god but called out last night and only 5 hours sleep :-(

I'm just keen for my appointment with the consultant Monday, hopefully they can do something to get this under control!


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