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6cm cyst?

Hi all, I started getting bad pains on Friday and had a scan yesterday to check my coil was okay. It was fine but something was discovered that the doctor believes is a cyst. It is 6cm by 2cm, I'm being sent to a hospital to have a scan on a bigger machine.

If its a cyst, will it be removed by surgery? Can it burst? The doctor told me to watch out for a fever but thats all she said. I am in quite a lot of pain right now and feeling very run down.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi, I'm not a professional but from what I've experienced and what I've read/been told by others.

It depends what type of cyst it is. Most cysts are common & resolve themselves over time. Then there are endometriomas (chocolate cysts) I've had 2 on the same ovary within 6 months of each other & as far as I know they need surgery, they won't resolve on their own.

Ruptures are quiet rare but what I've heard is if a cyst ruptures you'll know about it, common symptoms of ruptures are extreme pain, nausea and vomiting, fever and just a general feeling of being not well at all.

I hope this helps, I know how valuable a bit of advice/information from someone that's been through it before.

The best advice I could give is if your worried about something go & get it checked out, it's better to go & get the all clear than think you're paranoid, not go & it potentially end up becoming an emergency.

If your body is trying to tell you something, it's usually for a reason.


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