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Advice please

I've had endo since I was 15 so 6ish years ago I'm always in and out of hospital a lot I suffer ready bad on my left side I got brought to hospital early hours Friday morning and got discharged yesterday at 3pm because they had an emergency on the ward bearing in mind I was in a lot more pain then what I was to start with whilst in hospital they started me on the prostab injections has any of you tried this and does it work for pain at all? Also before I left yesterday I was complaining when I had a wee so they dipped it and it came back they my hp levels was high but they wasn't bothered about it anyways got home and relaxed fell asleep etc but my pain got considerably worse so my partner took me back to A&E which they seen me and transfered me straight to gynae I had to stay in over night again last night as they thought I had some thing with my kidneys they done a scan this morning and everything is fine but when they done another wee sample my wee was very concentrated but no infection or anything they are sending me home on antibiotics as they seem to think I'm peeing small grains of sand and they are doing me a follow up with urology has anyone else had this? In absolutely agony and nothing seems to be helping any advice would be great thank you xxx

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I had a kidney stone last sep, I was in agony, but the docs only found it due to investigating the pains in pelvic back hip, after the stone past my pains where still there, and that's when I went on to being diagnosed with endo, and adeno,

Have you been seen at a endo centre or just gyne,

Is it the same pain as usual,?

Hope you find your answers



Hey oh gosh really what's adeno? Never heard of it I'm just get seen my gynae at my local hospital but they are pretty rubbish if I'm honest with you they don't really like to investigate and always just put it down to a flare up yeah it's still my same pain just a lot worse and it's kinda going up my side and round to my back this time...thank you xxx


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