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Hi everyone I have been suffering with endometriosis for the last 5 years these are the years that I know about. I have had 3 surgeries in the last 4 years, with a gap of the most 8 months before I got poorly again. I had my last option in January this year and already again I am poorly. My surgeon has told me that it will keep coming back because it's so severe. Any way I recently went to see her and this time she has decided to refer me to a pain clinic. I have already had my 3 lots of ivf none worked as the eggs did not respond to anything and each time they only found 2. Therefore it was suggested to us to go for egg donation which obviously is a lot of money. For a while I have had feelings that I don't have the need or want to have a child anymore. Nor do I want to adopt which we had already decided. I also feel my body wouldn't cope with a pregnancy and their are to many what ifs in my head. I am 33 years old and my husband is happy to support what ever decision we decide. I am considering having full hysterectomy and getting on with our life as I am just always suffering. Has any body had any benefits from having a hysterectomy. I have had one of my fallopian tubes removed already as the ovary came off the tube and cannot locate the ovary my other tube is really messed up now due to the large cysts. I need some advice please. Tia xx

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Hi,msorry to hear you are suffering, are you being seen by a gyne or in a endo centre?

Ive just had a hysterectomy but for adenomyosis, and had my endo excised, only 12 weeks ago, and I still have pain, nowhere like before but still painfull all the same, I have been seeing a general gyne and he did the op, I wish now I had refused the op from him and insisted on seeing a bsge specialist at a centre,

I will be returning to gp next week for refferal,

I don't think it is suggested that a hysterectomy would help your endo, although it could have an impact only if a good job is done on the excision of existing endo,

I hope you find your answers



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