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I think i'm pregnant?

I suffer from endometriosis and have been off of the pill since May trying for a baby, I am now 12 days late for my period, with swollen ankles, vivid dreams, feeling sick (on and off throughout the days), have had a massive break out of spots (which is rare) and I have stomach cramps too. My breasts are slightly more tender than usual and I have been getting little spots on them as well...I have tested on day 3,7,10 all negative.....I am praying I'm pregnant as I would love nothing more than to have a baby with my fiancé.

Please help ladies and share your experiences with me :)

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Hi if you don't bleed in another week do another test it took 3 wks after my late period to get a positive result my periods have always been very irregular but I knew I was my hubby thought I was crazy when I kept getting negative tests and I was shouting but I know I am lol good luck keep me posted xx


Just wait until your period suppose to start. You can alwaus go to GP as well, they have pregnancy tests. Good luck and we will keep our fingers crossed for you :)

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I have spoken to the doctor today she is sending me for blood tests and for a scan because of my history of endo and polycystic ovaries. I'm hoping it's nothing to do with that and it's a baby I did an ovulating test today and that came out positive!!

So confusing!!

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Good luck!! Hope it is news you are waiting for!


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