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Hi ladies I posted last week after finding out I have stage 3 endometriosis. Iv noticed that quite a few of you have mentioned something called pro strap? If that's right could someone please tell me what this is. Iv had a letter from my consultant today and after being told by my surgeon I can have a hysterectomy the consultant has said she won't see me for another 4 months and too keep a diary of when I have pain etc. I was wondering if there is anything else I can have from a gp. Thanks xx

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Pro-strap is an injection that stops production of hormones such as oestrogen. The theory being endo feeds on oestrogen, so no oestrogen endo shrinks and dies not flare up causing so much pain.

It is a drug called leuprorelin.

So it basically puts you into a chemical menopause type state.

Hope that helps


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Prostap is a GnRH analogue which means it switches off your pituitary gland, which in turn switches off your ovaries to stop them producing oestrogen.

There are several GnRH analogues available (zoladex, decapeptyl etc).

I've just finished a 4 month course of decapeptyl and have been pain free in that time. There are lots of threads on here about them, but I think experiences are mixed, though my experience has been good. I was desperate for a break from the pain.


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