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Hi everyone,

Has you are all aware with my past posts I have been suffering with endo for years now, but finally after going to a endo clinic I am having a laparoscopy full hysterectomy and Also removing it from my bowel and bladder as its all stuck to each other. I'm booked in for the 3rd Dec so was wondering how long I will need off work and will I be kept in hospital? I don't have my pre op till Tuesday and I forgot to ask yesterday.


Sarah X

Ps hopefully there is light after this very long tunnel X

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Hi, glad to hear you have you date,

I had a hysterectomy 12 weeks ago, stayed in hospital for 3 nights, and was very well looked after, I was very poorly before and did very little for a year, but depending on how you where prior, and if you are used to your job, you will need at least 6 weeks off, depending on job type, I got a new job 12 hours a week in a cafe, and started at 6 weeks, couldn't cope so took another 2 weeks, but ive heard ladies say they where signed off for 12 weeks, so I think it's very different for every one,

12 weeks on and I'm still suffering, but I'm beginning to question if all my endo was dealt with properly, I didn't go to a bsge centre, I was given a hyst for servere adeno,

If you have any questions I can answer Id be happy to help,

Good luck,



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