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Lap help

Hi all

After years of being diagnosed with everything but endo, I'm going private and seeing a gynaecologist to finally get myself sorted. Could anyone give me advice on going private? I'm a final year student radiographer so no time in the next year apart from the Christmas holidays lends itself to me having a lap, so can I pick when I go for it if I go private? And ho long really will I be recovering for? Feel so silly asking but the whole thing is making me so anxious lol

Thanks in advance x

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Hi there, I've just had my second lap privately and I chose the date. Make sure you see someone specialised in endo not just a general gynecologist. How long depends on you really and how you respond. I'm just a week after my op, but it was severe endo and still in pain. Hope all goes well. Laura

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I would advise you see an Endometriosis specialist either private or NHS as gynae don't tend to know much about Endo! Have a look on the BSGE website for list of centres, good luck

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Privately you can choose your gynaecologist and depending on where s/he operates you may have a choice on hospital too. Do however ask lots of questions and don't be Fobbed off. If necessary get a second opinion before you have a laparoscopy. Do whatever it takes to give you peace of mind. Perhaps also take someone along for support and possibly even a different perspective from you as a patient. I wish you all the best.


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