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3rd lap- Yorkshire?

Hey all,

I'm currently waiting for my third lap, 2 weeks on Monday. Feeling a little nervous as I will also be having my tubes checked for any fertility problems this time.

Would be nice to just have a chat with others, I'm new to this site. I know how alone this disease can make us feel 😔 happy to answers any questions to anyone wanting any advise.

Also just wondering is there anyone from the Yorkshire area?! Be lovely to catch up.


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Hi Shuffy, I have been diagnosed with endo, almost a year ago now after years of pain and problems and secondary infertility almost ten years ago, I have been more of a watcher on this site and have been reading others posts, I also live in Yorkshire (Barnsley area) drop me a message if you'd like?

I hope the pending op goes well for you and you get the answers you need.

Sarah X


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