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12 weeks post hysterectomy

hi Ladies, I hope your all well, I havnt been on for a while, trying to recover without thinking about things to much,

So, its been 12 weeks on sat, since my hysterectomy for Adenomyosis and removal of endo, and I think ive recovered well from the op, but im still not 100% pain free, the pains ive got are very similar to the ones before the op, pelvic pain, groin pain hip and leg pain, and a general hot ache, still uncomfortable when having a wee, and just befor a number 2, nothing as painful as before the op, but I feel my pain fresh hold is extremely high, due to what ive gone through over the last year, I think the level of pain ive got is still quite high.

im curious to what your opinions would be on this, am I overthinking things and its just recovery pains or, do you think I could still be suffering with endometriosis,

Im trying to get a copy of my surgery so I can see where he removed the endo from this time, last time in June it was behind the uterus and on the ligament,

what worries me is that there was endo left there after my lap in june, so maybe he has missed some again, and because he wasn't a endo specialist it could be on/in other areas that he didn't check,

im scared that its not over yet, and its getting me down


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Oh no, I am so sorry to see that you are STILL having problems. How cruel after all you have been through. Honestly I really do feel for you. Are you due a check up soon?

Look after yourself, lots of hugs xx


Hi T

Lovely to hear from you. I do think you have probably had endo missed again. The problem is with general gynaecologists (we discovered before that yours is a cancer specialist) that they usually won't have the specialist endo excision training that specialists must have under their belt to tackle rectovaginal endo in accordance with the GMC requirements. This is the training they must do and most who do it will be in tertiary endo centres.


In fact a general gynaecologist without this training operating on rectovaginal endo would be in breach of the NHS contract for treatment of severe endo, so I doubt he has been deep. Can you remind me if you had an MRI prior to surgery and were nodules found? I think it is probably time to look at going to a centre. x


Hi Lindle, I was hoping you would answer, yes on my paper work from my first lap and removal it said nodules, but he never said it was servere, only that the adeno was very servere, please remind me again, what is rectovaginal again,

I'm trying to get hold of s copy of the operation notes from the hysterectomy as he said he removed endo, but was very vague about it,

I had no Mri scan at all,

I so don't want to jump the gun, but don't want to leave it again and wait longer and longer to be better, I'm so pist off right now,

I think I'm going to go to Gp next week and get referred to a centre,


Hi T - click on my name and read my post on RV endo. I know you wanted to stick with your own gynae at the time but I've learned a lot since then including the specification I mentioned above about the minimum 2 year advanced training course they have to do before tackling RV endo. When combined with the NHS contract for severe endo and the underpinning ESHRE guidelines it really is a breach of contract for a general gynae to not refer you on when they know you have it. x


hi Lindle, ive just reread your post, iv messaged you direct, I hope you don't mind,


awww no sweetie thats not what we were hoping for is it, (the pain to return)

how are you after a few weeks of recovering, are you able to get around now etc.

sending love and healing xx


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