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Endo and bowel problems?


I had an operation July 2014 to remove my Endometriosis and during the operation they had to disect my bowel from my abdomen as they were attached by Endo.

My symptoms have unfortunately come back so I am waiting for an appointment to come through with my previous gynae. One of my main symptoms that has come back is the fact that I can't open my bowels. I'm constantly eating grapes and raisins to try and help but nothing is working.

Has anyone else suffered with this?

And what did you do to help open your bowels?



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Hi, I had the same, also the operation. It was not possible to get all the endometriosis from the bowel because of the risk of damaging it. The treatment was therefore Lynestrenol tablets, what dries out the endometriosis, and used it for a year.

Now after more than ten years I'm still using Lynestrenol alternating with Yasmin tablets (normal contraceptive).


High fibre diet and prunes are helpful with helping things along x


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