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Freaking out. Any advice?

I am at a complete loss and don't know what to do. any advice or similar stories would be really appreciated. Please accept my apologise for any TMI bits I just need to speak to people who might have experience the same thing. I have regular periods every 28/29 days. I have noticed that my periods seem to be getting lighter but more painful. I haven't yet had a lap but my gyn says it's probable that I have endo as everything else has been ruled out. I came on yesterday, everything seemed to be normal, well my normal, excruciating pain and what I would call a medium flow. Today I woke up with nothing on the pad, very dull pain. I didn't think much of it until I was hit with extreme pain in my left hand side. It was localised to this area only and felt like something was or did burst. It was the worst and scariest thing I think I've ever felt. My bleeding has pretty much stopped and the pain has dulled down with only a few odd twinges. The doc checked for ectopic preg. But said it wasn't as I got a negative back on a test. I was told to go home and rest. Can endo cause your periods to become lighter? I've only read that they can get heavier. I'm so scared something else is wrong. Please help

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Hi jadiemac88

I'm so sorry to hear about what you have been through. I went through something similar myself when my pains first started. Before my period I would get excruciating pain in the right of my abdomen like someone had seared my insides with a hot poker. This pain has continued and continued and weirdly my periods have changed. I used to be heavy for the first two days and then barely anything. Since the pains the first two days I barely bleed, the third is horrific and then after that barely anything.

I am waiting for my laparoscomy but the doctors found fluid on my pouch of douglas and suspect endometriosis. I would recommend keeping a diary of your pain, the time it comes where in the cycle you are if it's worse when you excercise etc and take that to your doc. I did that and they were quick to suspect endo.

In the meantime take anti inflammotires before your period starts and before you have pain it will help, have a hot water bottle handy and remember there is always support on here if you need it.

Good luck!


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