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Excercise cause flare up?

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I went to a spin class on Sunday...

Sunday night I was rolling around my bed in tears as my bladder was stinging stabbing and just urgh!!! I can't wee without needing to scream and have got awful stabbing pains in my rectum :( constant burning and tugging pain in my hips!!

I am in so much pain I feel sick to my stomach and even ibuprofen and paracetamol aren't helping!!

I have felt fine for a few weeks so I feel as though the excercise might have done this? The spin class was quite hard lots of sprinting up and down with uphill climbs...

Has anyone else experienced pain and a flare up from excercise? Should I avoid until I have had my lap?

Feeling like just crying and curling up in a ball.. With a sick bucket just incase!!


3 Replies

I get endo pain from exercise - I can't do any cardio without getting pain like my period just started, and sometimes even walking quickly will bring it on. I've pretty much given up trying at this point! However, my pain starts during the exercise, not a while afterwards. So yours could be due to exercise, or it could be a nasty coincidence - everyone with endo is so different in symptoms and triggers. I hope it turns out not to be related! Sending love, it's horrible being in so much pain.


I also frequently get pain when I exercise, I now don't use the bike as it so regularly set off my endo. I stick to the cross trainer and running, but running can be a trigger too, usually just after I've finished. I've now learned to feel the warning signs of an attack (a sort of tightening of my stomach muscles) and either don't go to the gym or take it very, very easy.

I really sympathise with you.


I also get pain when I exercise. But I try and push through it if I can. The endorphins that are released from doing exercise, should in theory, help to numb any pain but I've found sometimes that I feel really bad afterwards. I found a gentle exercise like swimming where you can set your own pace is helpful.

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