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Hi all,

I'm feeling really fed up today, I had my last prostap injection in June and after being so much better I feel like I'm back to square one today, my pains are at there worst and I feel so tired and drained and to top things off my mood swings are awful!! I'm back at clinic on Thursday where hopefully I will get a date to go in for a full hysterectomy but the way I'm feeling today I'm not getting my hopes up,

Sorry but needed a moan and I think my hubby is fed up with me X

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I had a lap in April and had four monthly Prostap injections afterwards and felt brilliant. I had a really low time afterwards and felt back to square one like you. But then I started on Cerazette and have started to feel much better. Would it be possible for you to take some medication while you wait for your op? X


I think I'm going to ask that on Thursday, I can't carry much longer like this, it's getting me down, thanks for the reply xx


Hi - I know from your previous posts that you have already had a subtotal hysterectomy so do you mean that you are having your ovaries out? You've also had lots of laps but what is proposed for the bowel and bladder endo? I wonder if you may benefit from a second opinion from another centre as you need a full excision of your endo?


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