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Waiting & Lots of Questions

Hi Everyone,

I am new on here so hello to you all ! So here goes ! I went to my GP back in January after months of really bad period pains, which were getting worse to the point of i was planning my life around periods, anyway she referred me to the hospital for a scan to see if i had fibroids, no fibroids but they found a 5cm cyst and the sonographer also said he could see endometriosis on the join of the cyst ?(didn't think you could see endo this way)

so after a few more appointments and no change in the cyst the gyno decided that the cyst and ovary needs to be removed as my ca125 levels are also elevated, they will also look for evidence of endo while i am under.

so the first of my questions are i had a laporoscopy 12 years ago to investigate infertility surly it would have been picked up then as i had very painful periods then, nothing was picked up, i did then go on to have two children through ivf and i had 7 years of bliss no pain with my periods whatsoever, then the painful periods returned last year hence my original trip to docs !

could the cyst be responsible for the pain i get ? or could the cyst be a result of endo, the gyno was confused at first as i really suffer more with the pain under my ribcage in the diafram area which is so bad even the movement of breathing and walking is painful. does anyone else have this ?

also i get a pulling pain where the cyst is which seems to be getting worse making me think the cyst is growing which worries me especially as my surgery has just been postponed to December as my surgeon is going holiday.

Also does anyone know how much time i will need to take off from work, i have an office job so nothing strenuous

Thanks you and sorry for babbling x

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Hi.a no to them spotting it.i know a girl that had Three rounds of ivf before they figured out she had Endo.

I've had an odd pain for years, not as high as you but around belly button height. I think maybe some times with the inflammation there is a bit of transfurance goes on, so you can't tell exactly where the pain is starting from.

Try not to worry to much about the cyst. I believe they can come and go. I was admitted to hospital once because the pain was so bad but by the time they operated 6weeks later it had gone!

I would allow 2weeks of work if you can . (I have had 4 lots of surgary so far), you will probably feel ok after a week but super fragile. I always feel the doctors underestimate!

Hope it all goes well.

i have always felt much better after....


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