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Hi guys

My first post here so hello all 😊

I've been diagnosed with endometriosis for about six years. Had two ops five years ago and then was symptomless until about two years ago when I started bleeding after sex. It now happens nearly all the time and I'm at a point it's placing a massive strain on my relationship. I've just come back from holiday where I bled all week which ruined things. I feel like my partners patience has worn thin and he was particularly horrible about it this break accusing me of faking it at some points!! Im normally really positive about it but feel really low at the moment. I'm on the mini pill and have been for three months but it's not stopping the bleeding. Anyone got any advice re other treatments?

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Hi ladyluck. Unfortunately I don't have any advise for you but can completely relate to what you are experiencing. I've had the coil for 2 1/2 years and every combination of pill and injection but nothing seems to stop my bleeding. I've been on back to back microgynon for 6 months (alongside the coil) now but even that combination isn't working. It's not constant but any physical exercise, even just hoovering, and sex will leave me in agony hours later and the promise of a huge bleed either the same day or i'll wake up to it. I''m due to go to the doctor on Friday to have my coil removed as she thinks that may be making me bleed and a smear test.

I met my partner just after i'd been diagnosed with endo and I really don't think he had any idea initially what it meant for me. I started leaving the laptop open on pages and articles about it and shared some things on Facebook. I think the more he's read about it, the more he understands and we're now at the point where he's telling me about new things he's read and is planning on helping me hold a fundraising night for Endo UK. I sometimes feel like a stuck record and bore myself about this condition but I really think you need to keep the lines of communication open, enjoy every pain free, bleed free moment with him and show him that endo is dictating who you are and that it's not a reflection on how you feel about him.

Oh and get back to your GP and ask for some help!


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