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Lap delayed

Hi Ladies, my first lap was supposed to be 12th October, but has now been out back to 9th November. Due to my consultant having other commitments, has this happened to anyone else?

It's very frustrating as I was given the date in July, and was mentally preparing for it.

I am worried it will get put back again, I just want it over with now! Sorry for the moan, just feeling frustrated x

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This happened to me but only because the hospital asked me to have a scan the day before my lap was originally scheduled for. When the consultant saw the scan results he said my original surgery date would not give them long enough in theatre with me so it was rearranged for just over a week later. It added to the stress of the situation though so I sympathise with your situation. x


Thank you, 4 weeks extra worrying isn't going to help :(


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