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Nutrition and endometriosis

I've recently researched alot of various online sites from so called nutritionists to scientific studies on oestrogen and phyto oestrogen and have designed a table specifically for low oestrogen diet and endometriosis (not breast cancer - the studies and results are different). I've posted it in my blog if anyone has been trying to make nutritional changes but unsure what to do with all the conflicting information we get. Basically the main thing is eating a varied balanced diet every day and cut out white sugars, flours, processed foods:


i will expand the table eventually, i wanted to keep it a simple table to not seem daunting, anything i've not written is to be assumed moderate intake really, but do get in touch if unsure.


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A great blog! Thank you for sharing.


Fab! I posted yesterday about how the endo diet has massively improved my stage four diagnosis. It takes some effort and often a life style change. But is can be worth it for many people. There's a lot out there to read but if you understand the rationale then it is worth a go.... why wouldn't you? Better than any operation or intake of fake hormones surely?????


Thanks! That looks really helpful. I shall print a copy and stick it up inside my cupboard, so I remember what I should and shouldn't be eating!


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