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Recovery after diagnostic lap

Hi all,

Had a diagnostic lap on Monday, they didn't do any corrective work just took a look to confirm endo with a view to an operation to treat it at a later date. My dr said I'd be feeling okay after a couple of days an would be fine to return to work etc.

It's now Sunday and I still feel very sore and bloated, and I'm still bleeding on and off. I'm also feeling nauseous and alternating between diarohear and constipation. Is this normal? I don't feel any better today than I did on Thursday. Are my recovery expectations too high or do you think I should contact the specialist tomorrow?



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It can vary with everyone ,the important thing is to keep moving bit by bit each day and rest in between .you are still going to be sore it's only been one week ,I think I was back to work after 12 days but we are all different .have you tried peppermint tea for the bloating really helped me .

All the best hope you are on the move soon.


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