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Newly diagnosed with endometriosis

Hey ladies I'm 28years old and Iv its been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. I'm in chronic pain all the time. Have been since I was 13 that's round about the time I started my periods. I went for my laparoscopy Tuesday just gone and it was confirmed after years of pain that I wasn't having phantom pain but real pain. The relief when I was told was instant because I now know what's been going on. However I still don't fully understand the condition. I get pains when I eat anything , when I walk anywhere or even sit. My consultant has finally agreed too me having a hysterectomy as I was sterilised 2 years ago and that this would be the better option other than treatment every so often. Can anyone give me tips on how to manage my pain in the meantime? Thank you xx

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Hi - unfortunately a hysterectomy isn't a recommended treatmant for endo. Your ovaries will still produce oestrogen to feed it so essentially having your uterus removed will not 'cure' any endo that you have. The only effective treatment is excision (complete removal). Where are you in the UK as treatment pathways vary. x


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