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Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone had experienced severe swelling of the stomach. I had my last laparoscopy in 2011 where yet again I had endo in a few areas, a vaginal cyst, some areas 'stuck' to others. Afterwards I felt great, have been given the gift of a beautiful daughter (2yrs now) but have recently had the same symptoms I always get again. the only difference is that my stomach swells to the size of a 6mth pregnancy and is really sore and painful. I've had tests to rule out cancer etc and I'm not pregnant. I just wondered if anyone else had had the swelling as a symptom of endo and if there was anything they felt helped. I can't fit into any clothes and I get really uncomfortable at work after a few hours - not great as I start a new job on Monday. Any suggestions would be so (!) appreciated until I get through the long drawn out medical process again.

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Hi - it sounds as if you may have had more than one lap and the last one was a long time ago. Bloating is common with endo as it gives off inflammatory chemicals and the more severe it is the more the bloating may be. But it is also a sign of rectovaginal endo as this is very close to the bowel and irritates it to cause IBS type symptoms. It certainly sounds like you need more thorough treatment as it is likely you had endo left that has continued to grow. Do you know where the other areas were that you had endo and what was stuck to what? You can get this info from your medical records. Also where in the UK are you as we have NHS Choices and you can choose where you go for treatment - we have many specialist endo centres now. Can you give a description of your other symptoms - do you have back or leg pain or IBS/bowel symptoms other than the bloating?


Hi there

Thank you so much for your response! It's really helpful.

If I'm honest I would have to ask my GP re where it was but I do know that it was one of my ovaries that was connected to the womb lining. I also know I had quite a lot of endo at the time. That operation was my third since official diagnosis in 2000 (I had a myomectomy for a very large fibroid in 2008) so the detail sometimes gets a little hazy. I've just had an ultrasound but as usual there wasn't much to see. My other symptoms are lower back pain, sore boobs, extreme tiredness to the point where I can barely put one foot in front of the other and sharp pains in my lower stomach. It's interesting that you mention the rectovaginal point - I've never had anything like that and it may sound strange but I've had a kind of 'need' for the toilet a lot but not actually needing to go. Could that be linked do you know?

I'm in Manchester and would definitely appreciate any guidance on where to get the best treatment.

Thank you!!


You are very fortunate to have very good options in your area. The first thing to do is get the surgical reports from all three laps. There will be a small charge but we really need to see exactly what was found and done at all of them. I should get onto this straight away - you usually have to apply in writing so I should ring your GP surgery and ask what they want from you in order to have copies. Can you send me a private message so we don't lose touch and we can look further at the options when you have the details. Click my name and you will see 'message' at the top right. You could have pressure or irritation on your bowel causing you to feel the need to go. We will probably know more when you have the reports. x



I get very bloated and go up 2 clothes size when really bad . For me it's when my ending flares up around the lesions on my bowels and when I should be having a period (but don't because if my injections)

I have discovered eating very small meals and cutting out a lot of meat has helped

All the best

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Hi, my Endo is similar to the places my bowels being stuck to my ovaries, extensive Endo in the pouch of Douglas, cysts etc. My belly bloats like I am about to give birth, once I lost all buttons of my cardigan as I am only a 6/8 and it blew out in front of my eyes. Drs told me I swallow too much air, Its the ibs, extensive gas etc. This has been going on for 16yrs. Recently I tried peppermint gas release tablets from boots pharmacy and after a few days my belly goes down. You wouldn't believe it was gas if you'd felt my belly it was rock solid and so uncomfortable! Hope this helps x


Oh wow, swallow too much air...that's a new one! Sounds like you've had a nightmare for a long time!! I hope you don't mind me asking but are you under treatment again? It sounds like you need some help too. My stomach doesn't go hard it's like a balloon but is really uncomfortable. It does help to know I'm not the only one with this symptom - I never realised that such bad swelling could come from endo, my symptoms were all non-visible before. Thanks for the post reply x

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