Pregnant and have kissing ovaries

Hi just wondering if anyone has successfully carried a baby with kissing ovaries?

Ive always suffered with endo, and I had a scan in July which confirmed, I again have kissing ovaries, which are stuck together with adhesions. I did a pregnancy test yesterday, which came back positive; however i'm really worried that my adhesions will cause me to miscarry.

Will my uterus be able to grow, with the adhesions?

I fell pregnant back in 2011, miscarried and when they scanned me, thats when they noted I had kissing ovaries. I had surgery to free them, then fell pregnant again and was able to carry successfully.

I've started worrying that I may miscarry again, or the adhesions will rupture my ovaries as the uterus tries to grow.

Does anyone have any advice or been through similar?

Thank you :)

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  • Hi I've got kissing ovaries and am going through IVF. So it must be ok otherwise my consultant would have advised a different method to give me my family.

    Congrats on your positive result

    Bob x

  • Thank you for your reply Bob. Hopefully all will be well.

    The early pregnancy unit are trying to get me an earlier appointment with my gynae Dr.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us.

    De x

  • How did your pregnancy go with the kissing ovaries?

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