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How often should I go to my gp

Hi ladies, I have been increasingly in paIn over the last month i got diagnosed with endometriosis and poly cystic ovaries when I was 19 but this pains 10x worse I went on Tuesday to see a gp who just gave me extra pain killers and said the reason why I am bleeding is that the endo is growing. I know that it's normal for me to be in pain I am everyday but it's getting worse and worse and don't know whether to go back to my go or if I'm wasting their time? Please help 😔

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I say keep going to yor g.p! It's yor health.. I'm always going.. That's their job...

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I'm there 2-3 times a wk at the moment! Don't feel bad about annoying them - it's their job!! If the bleeding is becoming more constant and the pain worse then you probably need to see an endo specialist at gynae, you could need a laparoscopy to alleviate the symptoms. Ask for a referral from your gp don't take no for an answer. Here is a list of UK endo centres - you can see if there's one near you. Feel better X



If u are really bad I would go to a&e doing that was the best thing I done xx

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