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Lap tomorrow!

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having as painless a weekend as possible!

I finally have my lap tomorrow, after months of waiting. Really hoping for an endo diagnosis this time as if not I won't know where to go from here really. I am unreasonably anxious though - I have had this procedure before but since then I have really struggled with anxiety and I constantly worry that I'm going to die. I am so anxious for tomorrow that I feel like calling them and cancelling! I know this is ridiculous but I just can't get it out of my head :(

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Feeling anxious before surgery is perfectly normal, particularly if you are awaiting diagnosis. A diagnostic lap is not that invasive and fairly straightforward. You will be in recovery in no time. The relief you feel when you have answers is immense focus on that and that you're doing the best for your health. Those are the good things, get a relaxation app on your phone and use it!! Get your stuff ready for tomorrow and have a bath - relax! Everything will be okay, you just have to power on through.

All the best of luck for tomorrow xx


I'm so sorry to hear that ): I struggle with anxiety too and suffer from panic attacks so i completely understand how you're feeling and it breaks my heart to hear you're feeling like this.

Is someone going with you? I know that for me having someone to talk to takes my mind off of what is happening and stops me from going crazy in my head. I also use this app called Pacifica that has some handy tools for coping with anxiety which maybe you could try too?

I guess the important thing to remember is that you are in good hands, your surgeon has done this procedure many times before and you're going to be ok. You just have to be strong for the next 24 hours and then it will all be over. The waiting is the worst bit.

Wishing you the best of luck. Please let us know how it goes. you'll be in my thoughts

Hannah xo


Hi Hannah, such a lovely message, thank you. If you don't mind me asking have you struggled with anxiety since being diagnosed/since having problems?

It's so crazy I know I'm being ridiculous but obviously I just can't help it. It comes and goes in waves, one minute I'm okay and the next I'm a wreck crying because I think I'm going to die and worrying what's going to happen if I do.

My mum is going with me but my hospital letter says that you aren't actually allowed someone with you due to space so I'm really worried that she will have to go home and I'll be waiting for hours on my own.

I will definitely download that app, thank you x


Hey again :) God I'm so sad to hear you've been feeling like that all day. You're being incredibly brave right now.

Here is an article that helped me put my anxiety into perspective, hopefully it will help you too!:


Waves of anxiety/ panic like you are experiencing are absolutely horrendous and very terrifying. There are lots of techniques to get through them and different things work for different people. I personally find that if i'm having some sort of panic attack it is best for me not to engage with my thoughts at all, so i let them float by without trying to reason with myself or argue with anything i'm thinking. (it sounds mad when i write it down like that!) Some people find distracting themselves helps (try counting all the blue things you can see, naming all the beatles songs you can remember or recounting a scene of your favourite film for example) but other people find that too overwhelming. there are a lot of tactics out there and i would def recommend you look into some to help you when you feel like that. It's really horrible and exhausting to be constantly panicking and i'm so sorry you're going through this today!

If you need to talk to anyone about this please feel free to message me because i honestly relate to how you feel so much and i would hate for you to go through this alone.


oh sorry i didn't even answer your question!

Yes i would say that my anxiety was def triggered by this condition. After spending many years experiencing symptoms and not being taken seriously by doctors it started to take it's toll on my mental health. I started thinking that maybe i was too 'weak' because everyone else apparently experienced these symptoms and were able to cope with them, when in actual fact all this time i had an undiagnosed condition. It's mad. I've also had depressive episodes triggered by feelings of helplessness, but thankfully those have stopped now because i'm finally getting the right help from doctors who understand what endo is.

I think most people who have endo experience a strain on their mental health. I don't think it is a symptom of the condition exactly, rather it is as a result of how we are treated and how traumatic the experiences we have can be.

Good luck with everything tomorrow xox


Very good luck it will all go well. Awesome. .....


I feel the same I sat all day waiting for my lap last week only for it to be cancelled and rescheduled for this week. It has increased my anxiety and I felt like just leaving having it done altogether..good luck x


I had my lap on friday (first ever surgery for me) and was diagnosed and treated for endo - yay!

I am utterly squeamish about all things surgery, so much so that i can't even watch medical dramas on TV! I also had ridiculous thoughts about stuff going wildly wrong which really didn't help matters.

I was shaking like a leaf before going into surgery but the staff were all great with me and i was knocked out before i even realised what was happening.

In the days and hours Before going in, i tried some online hypnotherapy videos on YouTube. I don't know if they work how they are supposed to but i definitely think concentrating on my breathing and trying to relax had to have helped otherwise they might have had to strap me to the bed!

Easy for me to say now I'm on the other side but it really well be easier than you think. Good luck! Relax and focus on getting your results and then hopefully your life back!


That's normal iv got my 5th one in 2 wks and still get really anxious I'm praying this one helps cus had enough of the pain now hope you get the answers u want and good luck x


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