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What happens now?

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping I can pick your brains. I was diagnosed with endo stage 2 18 months ago after having a lap. I knew that removing the tissue wouldn't be the end of it and if I'm honest it been a good 6 months since I've been experiencing symptoms ago and presently they are as bad as they have ever been.

I guess I'm after some advice now. Should I be pushing for another lap to remove what they can or is it a case now of just dealing with the symptoms?

Really appreciate any advice xxx

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I'm in exactly the same position - lap in my last year and after a good 6 months I feel like I'm now returning to the same place as pre lap. So I'd be interested to hear the experience of others as well. Thought of another lap is not great 😞


Hi all. I had my first lap a year ago. I've had a few bad days and some good days. I've very bad pain in my left side though. Also been losing a lot of hair on my head. I went to get my hormones checked and turns out I have too much testosterone! I was told I have PCOS. Going back to see my gynaecologist in December so will see what he thinks. I have to say my pain has been manageable since I had the first lap, first 2 months was atrocious but I'm doing reasonably okay. I'm not on any pill. I've often wondered if the pill made my pain worse??

I think if you're still experiencing really bad pain, I'd definitely mention it to your gynae, they might have missed something. Do you see your gynae once a year? If so maybe ask him/her if you could get a scan and see if anything shows up on it. Are you on any medication at all to manage the pain?


I'd suggest going back to the surgeon who did the laparoscopy, and if they weren't a specialist, ask for a referral to a specialist. Or there is the option of medication, it all depends on your preference.

That's what I've done my lap was 5 months ago and made me worse so I asked to be referred to a specialist and she is performing excision surgery on me in December.

Good luck and sorry for your troubles! X


Hi - what are your symptoms and are they at times other than your period?


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