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Surgery update

Hi ladies,

As some of you know I had my lap yesterday and everything was fine apart from the panic attack that I had when I was waken up from the anesthetic so they had to put me to sleep again..It was a long day as I went there at noon and left hospital around 9pm... I didn't feel a thing but now every move that I make I almost feel like they are ripping my belly, hubby is helping me with everything witch is good because otherwise I would be stuck to the bed.

I couldn't speak to the doctor because he was in a emergency so I had to came home without any explanation just a letter saying that had anteverted uterus with bilateral terminal hydrosolpix and the tubes blocks, so now I don't know what they have done and even more confused because I have to wait for the emergency appointment with the doctor. ..

Does anyone ever heard something about that??😕😕

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