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Endo - Surgery to remove

Hi I have finally been given the option to have my Endo removed via surgery. I have severe endo especially on the right ovary. The surgery option has been given to me so that I can "preserve" my fertility ( I am 41, married, no children) and have been trying for a child for some time now without success. Has anyone else had surgery to remove for a similar reason to myself - and been able to have a child? There are quite a few risks with the surgery - which I am worried about - but above all else, I want to be able to try and live normally again with a chance to have a child. Would love to know your stories of surgery for removal of Endo. Many thanks.

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I haven't tried for a child but I have read of women with problems conceiving who conceived following excision surgery. I believe the 6 months post surgery are considered the best/optimal time for this to happen.

Is your surgery excision (not laser) and to be performed by an endometriosis specialist?


I have stage 4 endo my overies was stuck together I've had them seperated and put back in place I also have endo on my bowel as we'll, the surgery was brilliant for the pain it worked for a good number of years for this I would recommend, years on from my surgery I'm still trying for baby number 1 and I'm in the process of Ivf, surgery can damage in the process if you having it removed from your overies it can cause scaring which can make it more difficult to conceive, it could effect the function of the overies but on a possitive note it will slow down the endo progressing, I'm glad I had my surgery for the pain but I regret having it done to the fact I may have caused more damage and it might make my process harder for Ivf, make sure you ask lots of questions I'm sure u will make the right decision, good luck here if u want to ask any questions xxxx


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