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Fed up

Feeling soooo tired. Been a month since the laparoscopy and having the coil put in to help, and have bled every day since (this is now the 6th month I have been bleeding continuously for). Back to doctors tomorrow for blood tests cos pretty convinced I'm anaemic again and to discuss pain relief cos nothing I've had works. Please tell me this is just early days and it will get better cos at the moment I feel like I'm still in the same situation I was before the laparoscopy??

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I hope you get it sorted soon . Everyone is different with the coil in I bleed for 6 months on it .They even tried me on the mini pill to help stop it but that did not work .

I evenly had it taken out .



I can see the 'Reality Hits' thread including the six replies. So, just as strangely I cannot see the 'Where's my last post? !' thread unless I click on the link I have in an email.




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