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First lap tomorrow!

Hi all. I haven't posted here for a while, but a lot has been going on for me. I'm finally having a lap which my consultant decided to refer me for an urgent one so haven't had to wait long after it was decided that I was going to have one. I'm a little bit scared about the anaesthetic because I've never had one. Looking forward to it all being over and having some more answers hopefully. I was reading the leaflet they gave me about anaesthesia and wondered if anyone if any of you have had a spinal anaesthetic for a lap rather than a general? Is that something they usually offer for this type of surgery? Hope you are all okay x

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Hiya hope ur ok,,i had my first lap 3 weeks ago and i was rather nervous about the anaesthetic,,there was no discussion about any alternatives with me,,it wasnt half as bad as what i was expecting though,i was a nervous wreck right up to going to theatre and laying down;whatever they injected me with first was fab,next thing i was waking up in recovery,hope your lap goes ok xx



I had a general whilst I underwent a laparoscopy - I would mention you haven't had one before because they will be extra caring. (I wouldn't go for a spine because that's me)

I hate needles - when I had my LAP they were really good, I explained I pass out with needles and not too show me it or tell me what is going on because it makes me panic and pass out. They were very understanding and honestly can't fault them. Just be honest and they will be prepared.

I wasn't offered an alternative anaesthetic, but literally once cannula in I can't remember anything until I heard my name being called when coming out of it :)


U can only have a general anaesthetic for a lap due to the position they put u in to do it. It awake ie having a spinal it's not well tolerated by the body and can put pressure on the heart & lungs.


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