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Ok.. I'm Kelly, 20 years old and was diagnosed with endo last May after 6 years of suffering.

I have been under going the first step of treatment the mirena coil. And I think it's affecting me in a bad way.

Emotionally, I'm drained, anxiety is so much worse, diagnosed with depression and constantly offered anti depressants. And I'm on the verge of quitting my job I can't physically keep going in the way I am. my ex made it quite plain that the coil is known as the "relationship killer" which frankly is true from my experience ! And that kinda messes with you as you can imagine !

Physically, I still get horrendous pain in my stomach, pelvic and sides, miagrains, bleeding, ( in wee and bowel movement ) ( sorry! )

Iv tried diets, exercises, yoga everything! I didn't think it was the coil, and my mother ( who is a endo sufferer also ) doesn't believe the coil is to blame. I need advice, do I go on the next step, or is it just the endo effecting me more and more ? Iv done a lot of research, but I need someone I can talk to as there's no one in my area that's really heard of it, and my doctor is as good as a sucking duck!


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Bless you hun. I was diagnosed at 13 and I am 34. I would love to say it gets easier. However I suffer terribly. I have found that following the pcos food guide useful. It helps me survive a day in the office. I have found doctors reluctant to go to the next stage, until today. I had anew doctor who spent ages just listening and investigating, now with a specialist referral. I was 5 when I started bleeding and periods unusually young. Suffered for nearly 30 years. I would be persistent with your doctor and don't stop. I suffered in silence for years and felt ashamed of everything. Don't make the same mistake. I am always willing to listen and try and guide you. There is alot of naivety around the condition and its always difficult to find someone who will just listen. Sorry I am not much help so far. X

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How you have been diagnosed? Did you have an op?

I have not been on a pill for years and it made me feel so much better. Of course i still have my monthly cycle and pain problems with endo, my migraines stopped when i stop taking the pill as well. I still have headaches, but can coop with those. I am not brave enough to have a coil, because i wouldnt want anything foreign in my body. As well if you are already feeling very anxious this triggers the migraines and give you general feeling being more unwell and have more pain complaints.

I would change your doctor and have a chat with someone else. You need someone to listen to you and take you serieusly.

There is a good service out there as well for depression and anxiety, which really helped for me. rethink.org

I hope this is helpfull?



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