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I can't take anymore!!!

I was diagnosed in June with what I can make out from laparoscopy report is deep infiltrating endo. Was found all over pouch of Douglas, overlying ureter, on broad ligament and below iliac fossa?

I have mirena coil, it was put in November 2014.

I developed back and leg pain that is getting out of control, I can't sit for long, I can't stand for long, laying down doesn't seem to make it better, the last couple of weeks have been really hard. It feels like something is stuck or about to burst, all round my pelvis hurts. I don't know what to do anymore. Think my hormones are having a party aswell as keep crying for no reason, what the hell is going on!! I don't know where to go for help as docs never seem to listen, if u read this thank you for listening to my rant, needed to get it out 😢

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I would get that mirena out asap and then see a specialist to remove all that nasty endo with excision surgery this time.

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I was also diagnosed with deeply infiltrating stage III endometriosis and I also had the exact same experience with the mirena coil. I am having my second excision surgery in December.

I lasted 12 days with the mirena. Go to your GP and demand that they take it out, don't stand for any rubbish they tell you like wait until it settles down.


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