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Hello ladies,

After my mirena coil was fitted in June I have had nearly a month of struggling acceptance of the hormonal changes in my body to realign to it. Among this I had severe breasts pain and I have decided to go and check with my GP. She said to me that my lump is of 6/4 cm and I am referred to a fast track admission to expect a letter.

I am very concerned and scared, of what I might have or what my results will be. I used the mirena to help with my endo and now this came up. I am thinking of taking it out, but at same time the damage has been done, is not like the lump will disappear. I texted my nurse for my specialist doctor to see what I can do. I am also to fly out this end week for my annual leave but I will probably just return in a couple days in case the letter may appear. My GP said I cannot loose my spot as a second one is not offered.


Would you mind sharing your opinions with me?


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I'm sorry you are going through this :-( it is so stressful and confusing.

I was under the impression that tumours tend to grow in response to estrogen, so the Mirena (being low dose progesterone) might not have actually had any impact on this lump appearing. Perhaps the timing is a coincidence?!

A friend of mine had to have emergency 2 week rule investigation of one of her breasts. She was super scared and worried. She was lucky it turned out to be benign. I hope and pray the same turns out to be the case for you.

This year I had to cancel my holiday as I was suddenly referred for investigations for a number of (non-endo) symptoms I'd been experiencing. It's so hard to plan if you don't know when the appointments are and if you go away, then you're worrying and wondering if an appointment letter came. I have a scan on Thursday and then a gap until a consultation on the 3rd September, so I'm hoping to go away to my family's boat between then (fingers crossed!).

Let me know how your appointment goes. Xx


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