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PDF or pamphlet with endo info for new job?

Hi all! Hope you are all well and feeling great!

I start a new job soon and would like a little PDF or pamphlet to pass on to my new bosses to give them a very basic explanation of endometriosis and the kind of symptoms I can experience so they understand how this illness may impact my work.

So far, everything I have found has been very legal (outlining my sick pay requirements etc) or way too personal, as helpful as I find the info my new boss doesn't need to know all of my deep intimate medical symptoms!

If anyone has found anything, I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to be upfront about my illness and showing them a simple outline of the condition from a respectable medical charity or source would be very helpful. Thanks all

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I usually find that just giving them the correct spelling and allowing them to google is helpful. The endo org uk gives a leaflet about working:

endometriosis-uk.org/sites/... though this is more for you than employers. Other publications on the same page may help though.

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This is the factsheet which may help employers

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