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Dizzy spells all of a sudden

Hello everyone!

I am new and hoping someone can give me some advice.

I was diagnosed 18 months ago and had a laparoscopy at the same time. The dreadful periods have gone away- all I deal with now is the occasional pang and very bad period pains. I have been for my check up this year.

A week ago, I was at a party and the next day had a terrible hangover (worse than I have ever had). Midday, suddenly my blood pressure dropped (shaking, nausea, spinning, feeling faint) and I literally had to lie down the entire day because I just couldn't get my blood pressure up. I really thought I had maybe overdone it and that was that.

I had the flu this week, a pretty bad one and was put on antibiotics. 3 days later, during the evening, I suddenly had my blood pressure drop again. This time it took about 4 hours to pass.

I was ok until midday today. It wasn't severe but I was shaking, had shallow breathing etc.

It passed and I now have a dull aching pain on my left side (where the ovary is I think). It's a pain I have had before but it usually passes quite quickly. Now it is persistent- I don't feel it all the time, it's when I sit/stand in certain positions.

My flu symptoms are gone but I just have this "off" feeling- like under the weather. I am on the pill and not on my period.

Has anyone else experienced this? I have seen websites that state that a symptom of endo is low blood pressure and the associated symptoms.

Apologies for the long post. Any help would be appreciated.

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I had a lap done in November and they found some endo on my right side. It was removed and they said i should go back to normal lifestyle without pain.

I am now 9 months further and still have pain on my right side and it doesnt seem to dissapear. I can see what you mean with feeling off. Sometimes when i feel really tired and just before period start i can become dizzy and feel sick, pain in my side and dont know how to sit down or walk around.

My bloodpressure is not low like yours, but of course everyone is different.

Go to the gp and ask or maybe go on the endo website.

With your pill you dont have periods at all? Maybe this is something to look into as well.

Write down in a diary what symptoms you have, when on the day and how does it feel and take this to a GP. Maybe they are able to help you.

Good luck with everything!



My blood pressure was low and I had dizziness around and during periods; I used to eat foods such as (1) lentils & rice or black eyed peas and rice cooked together (2) broccoli (3) raw spinach in a salad, and for some reason (4) tomatoes...chocolate helps for the low sugar feeling but found these best. Toast is also helpful to avoid the nausea.


I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I had my Lapo in may where they removed endo from just about everywhere. Have never had any issues with dizzy spells before.

Since the operation every month at my time of cycle, I have dizzy spells and have fainted.

I been to my GP who have looked into blood count ect, but I feel with me it's down to blood loss. ( I still have 1 very heavy bleed each month.

Go to your GP and get them to check it out. If not can you talk to your consultant. Best of luck!


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