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What Contraception pill is good to help endo pain?

Hi, after having a laparoscopy I'm still in agony with period pain I wondered what contraception Pill you guys have tried that actually help? I have never taken the pill and I was told that it can stop endo developing whilst you are taking it does anyone know the doctors all say one thing then another!


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Qlaira. It's expensive so many doctors are reluctant to prescribe it but it is the pill that most closely mimics your body's own hormone level and fluctuations. So you don't get the extremem side affects that you can get with other pills. I went on this when it first came out,probably about 6 years ago, and only recently stopped taking it. I loved it. Never got aq period whilst on it neither so perfect with endometriosis haha xx


Thank you! X


Hi lovely,

I was put back on my original pill from when I was younger (Microgynon-30 which is also now called Rigevidon). It has always worked for me.

I had my op a year ago now and still do get pangs but my periods are pretty painless. Still some discomfort around ovulation.

I think some people are anti M-30 as it is the cheapest to produce but I have never had any issues with it - it's a personal thing :)

Good luck xxx

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Thank you love for getting back to me x


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