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Pain after surgery

I had laparoscopic surgery 8 weeks ago and ever since then I've had nothing but other pain from a longer bleed for nearly two weeks and a supposed infection and I have pain around the ovary and feel like I'm going out my mind. Being made to feel like it's all in my head. Could there be other reasons for this pain. Maybe a complication from surgery? My work is now not as supportive as they could be which is stressing me out even more. I'm getting told that it's my body healing and with painful periods could it be just that. Need help as I feel like I'm being a pain keep going to the doctors.

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Hey Dolly123,

Sorry to hear that. I'm 8 days into recovering from lot laparoscopy and I'm actually feeling worse, I'm having severe pain too. I would go to the Drs because something may have gone wrong. Don't worry about being a pain, they are there to help you and it will stop your worrying as you shouldn't be in such discomfort 8 weeks later :(


I'm six weeks later and feeling same although I have mirena which isn't helping. You feel like your going crazy don't you.


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