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Fed up of waiting for lap.. symptoms & feeling stressed!


I'm feeling really deflated and fed up of waiting for my lap.. My "symptoms" started a long 20 months ago but have been there mainly since I had my little girl nearly 6 years ago, had every test known to man & all clear under gynae who suspects endometriosis but odiously can only be 100% diagnosed after a lap. I was referred for one back in January.. It is now August & supposedly I am due to have it in September (still no date from hospital) getting really fed up of waiting. My periods are all over the place (currently 3 wks late) but have been in awful pain as usual and getting some blood stained discharge is this normal for endometriosis? Guess I just want to hear from fellow sufferers on how you all manage & cope when feeling really low and what your symptoms are.

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I understand as I waited a long time for my lap. By the time I got it, it was nearly a year after I'd first been referred for suspected endometriosis - I'd ended up at emergency doctors unable to sit down while on my period after years of symptoms building up but being dismissed by ever doctor I spoke to about it.

The waiting is so frustrating. I don't know what hospital you are at, but mine was and is very backlogged on everything so even my follow up appointment was an 8 month wait post surgery (to be seen for 10 mins Max). Some women get their laps very quickly within a few weeks even! I think we are very unlucky to live in areas where it is so slow.

The stuff I did while waiting for my operation date was self care - using a TENS machine, heat, baths, massage/muscle rubs as I tense my muscles from the pain, good nutrition (endo diet if possible), plus as effective pain relief as possible from the doctor. There did come a point where in the last few months I was completely incapacitated and nothing worked to relieve any of it.

It is also sometimes worth calling your consultant's secretary and asking if you can be put forward for any cancellations (if this is something that would work for you in terms of arranging any childcare etc). This sometimes speeds up the wait as people do cancel.


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