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Where do the stage 4 endo cases end up getting help? If my GP already has referred me, is privateinsurance not possible?


Thinking of the totally private doctor with total resection up north. I understand that if my GP

already has referred me for NHS care, it will be difficult to get private insurance.

Can I wait 12 months, from the GP referral - or have I no chance in the future of getting private


All lot of the ladies have ended up like me, understanding that after being told there is a risk

of perforation etc - getting kind of desperate..

Thanks to all of you, also those give info of other forums.

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Hi, I'm sorry to say you will struggle to find an insurance company who will cover you for a pre-existing condition.

I believe, for example, BUPA has a very strict policy whereby they exclude any condition for which you've had advice, treatment or medication during the last 7 years or that has produced symptoms. This seems to apply whether or not you've had a medical diagnosis 😔.

I have heard some insurance places offer moratorium policies which may offer cover for pre-existing conditions but I'm sure they'd be some limitations with this. I'm not familiar with those type of policies but it may be worth looking into these.

Are you based in the UK? If so, there may be other NHS endo surgeons you are not aware of that are skilled to deal with severe cases. Unfortunately we're not allowed to name specific surgeons or BSGE accredited endo centres on this forum however you can through PM so it pays to ask around as even standards and skill levels across endo centres differ.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes, Jo


Hi I was in your situation and I tried every private medical insurance but none would cover me. I had TPE and Ovarian Suspension 6 weeks tomorrow, its the best decision I have ever made. If I don't go to the doctors/hospital in the next 2 years with gyn symptoms I can take out insurance and would be covered. If I take cover out now I will be exempt for but covered for anything else, it's really pre medical conditions in last 12/24 mths depending on insurer. If you want any info with regard to my consultant, please feel free to PM me, Take care


I think the biggest challenge for a rolling moratotium is not seeking medical treatment for endometriosis for the period of the moratorium. The fixed moratotium doesn't include that prerequisite - but you still would have to pay 2 years worth of the insurance before you could claim/have surgery. I have a feeling that is also quite a costly option as it is less restrictive.


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