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Pain post miscarriage - is this normal?


I had a miscarriage 3 wks ago (5wks along). The last few days I've been having sharp pain in my lower stomach, sometimes so bad I double over or can't stand at all. We haven't had penetrative sex but was sexually active yesterday - last night the pain was excruciating.

I'm thinking I should probably see my gp or early pregnancy unit (they didn't scan me after).

My question is, is this normal to have pain worsen so much after a miscarriage if you have endo?? Is it like this for everyone or could there be something else going on??

Thanks xx

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I'm unable to advise you but really wanted to express my sadness for your loss xx



I am so sorry for your loss, the same happened to me, I miscarried at 13 weeks and about a week after got the most awful pain which turned out to be an infection so please seek medical advice just to be on the safe side!!!

Just to keep you positive I did go on to have my gorgeous son a few months after, he is now 21 so there's definitely hope after miscarriage.

Wishing you all the best L xx

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I had a miscarriage last year(I had to have a D&C) got pains afterwards for a while turned out I had an infection and tissue left over in my womb, I'd get medical advice ASAP, sorry for your loss x


Hey guys, thanks for your advice - I went to the gp, got a swab done and on antibiotics just incase. EPAC didn't want to see me unless had a positive test. Going for an ultrasound anyway soon as doc thinks is an endo flare post pregnancy... Which would make sense as I've now got my period!

Thanks again xx


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