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Diagnosed today.....confused!

Hi I have been diagnosed today after years of moaning to my doctor!

I'm confused as the gynaecologist told me it was a personal choice for everyone if they have the laparoscopy, was this the case for everybody? She said try not to think about fertility when making this decision To base it on the pain that I am experiencing. I'm 30 so obviously want to give myself the best chance of having children but the gynaecologist didn't really want to discuss that.

Have people found that things were better after the operation and is it recommended? How long did people take off work?

Any advice would be much appreciated,



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Hi Amie - that wasn't really the best advice as it has left you not knowing what to do. I assume you have been diagnosed on account of symptoms. There is a protocol to follow and all suspected cases should be referred for a lap to diagnose the condition. According to protocol the choice is then between medical or surgical treatment but in practice any endo found would usually be treated at the same time. A diagnostic lap should always be recommended as there is no knowing how severe the endo might be as pain is not always an indicator and you need to know that so that it can be treated properly. In fact if you have concerns about fertility that should be a consideration as the guidelines confirm. Have a look:


You may want to have your lap at a specialist centre to be sure nothing is missed to get you on the right track from the start. Click on my name and rtead my post on how to find one.

There really is no answer to how much time you need off work because individuals recover differently and every surgery is different. For a straightforward lap with perhaps treatment of mild endo you might only need a week or perhaps two. But for anything more severe you should take as long as you need to feel up to going. You shouldn't feel pressurised. x


I suppose to some extent surgery is considered your choice, or elective, if it's routine rather than emergency surgery (life or death!). However, the only 100% sure way of diagnosing endometriosis (unless it is seen on an MRI or endometriosis cysts are seen on an ultrasound) is via a laparoscopy. There have been a few women on here who have been told they have endometriosis without surgery or that it is 99% sure they have it, who upon having surgery have found out it's another problem like pelvic congestion syndrome.

For that reason I'd opt to have a laparoscopy to find out for sure. Fertility - if it is being impacted by endometriosis (not every lady with endo has fertility problems depends on where it is affecting etc) I've read is supposed to be best in the 6 months after the surgery if endometriosis is excised.

It is crucial if you do opt for this surgery that you choose an endometriosis specialist to have the best chance of them a. Finding it and b. Actually excising as much as possible.


It is of course your choice to have a laparoscopy or not. Your gyne seems to have given you the same advice as mine and in my opinion the best advice.

I'm currently on recovery from my third laparoscory to remove endo and unfortunately it is looking quite unlikely that I can have children. It has certainly put a spanner in the works as I am only 25 and too would love to have children one day.

I found each operation vastly improved my pains. In-between each surgery gave me a couple years of "normal" menstrual and sexual life.

I am lucky with my work, they give me an initial 12 week block that I can have off with an extension if needed. Luckily I have never had to take that long off. The last 2 ops took me 5/6 weeks to recover and I reckon this one will be around 4. For "normal" jobs the surgeon will initially give you a 2 week sick note and your GP can extend this for another 4 over the telephone if needs be.

I would suggest the same as your gyne. sit down and have a good think about your situation. Your endo might not be affection your fertility and on the same hand an operation won't necessarily fix it if the endo if affecting your fertility.

I wish you the best of luck with this.


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