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Please help me find a good specialist consultant

Hi, I'm new on here. Had a real roller coaster these past 4 years with this endo. Been going to seacroft for ivf and had 1 failed cycle. I went for a endometiriol scratch last thursday and was told my cycst has grown rapidly to 12cm by 8cm. The consultant is horrible! She said if they were to operate they will take ovaries and tubes out so you dont have any hope at all. Please can anyone recommend a good endometriosis specialist in the north west. I'm really scared as this cyst is getting out of hand. Thanks in advance.

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I'd suggest looking at the BSGE list to see if there are any accredited centres nearby. bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

Once you have found some potential names, it's worth doing more research, and asking for feedback on groups where it is allowed, but bear in mind that in some open groups (like this one) the regulations restrict recommending surgeons/medical professionals.

Once you have found a specialist you believe is skilled, depending on where you are in the country (the rules are different outside of England), Patient Choice should give you the right to request a referral to a consultant led team with your GP.



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