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Simple :-)

I just want to be clear and simple because there is no right or wrong if you are in the hands of an Accredited Endometriosis Consultant (this is the key ). I believe that every consultant has their patients best interest in my mind. I live 5 miles from a bsge listed centre and the consultant there was unable to help me, however I personally know ladies who he could help. I then got a 2nd opinion from another bsge centre ( which we are all entitled to) I could say that didn't work either and it didn't BUT it could have ( like it has for many ladies) and I'm not saying that either consultant was rubbish because their are not their are all qualified and accrediated but couldn't help me. I then went on to pay for lots of private consultations ( yes it costs) even in the USA and both my husband and I made a personal decision to select the consultant that we felt was right for me and thankfully 5 weeks, it is early days but I know we made the right decision. I know sometimes when your in pain and desperate like I have felt you feel your "trapped" and just have to go along with whatever but you don't. Ask the consultant questions, ask them what their expect to achieve and what results their expect, it's your body, your health, your life and do not be dictated to or told. You have the right to make a decision. Stay hopeful😃

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